... to the professional website of Tye Brady, chief technologist for Amazon Robotics. Join me in our journey to advance robotics to better people’s lives, right here in Greater Boston, the center of the robotics universe.

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This year, I am honored to run the 2017 Boston Marathon for a wonderful cause. The Respite Center is a place that provides services for children and adults with disabilities. They have several programs which include an Adult Day Program, Weekend Respite, After School Care, Day Care (birth - 3yrs), Employment Support for Individuals with Disabilities and Residential Placements. Let’s do this together and raise at least $10,000 for the many families in need, one small step at a time.


Robots will extend human capability,

improve the quality of everyday life and provide timely benefit of service across a wide variety of tasks in our natural human environment. Demand creates opportunity and I foresee many opportunities for robots to perform meaningful tasks at home, work and at play that benefit humans. As robotics moves from the aspirational to the everyday functional, I believe there’s nothing we can’t achieve or improve through smart robotics when coupled with the right human talent and need.

Join me in making a positive impact through discovery and innovative engineering. Let’s realize technologies together that will better people’s lives.

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During my tenure at Draper Laboratories I worked to develop autonomously guided rockets. Below you can view test flights of these landing instruments.

Draper's GENIE Free-Flight Test

Using the GENIE (Guidance Embedded Navigator Integration Environment) System, Draper Laboratory raised Masten Space Systems' Xombie suborbital rocket 50 meters to a stable hover, sent it laterally down range 50 meters, and then had it land safely during a controlled 50 meter descent. The testing, which exercised the autonomous guidance, navigation, and control technology needed to fly planetary landing trajectories, was conducted at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

Draper's GENIE Flight Campaign 5

NASA can begin testing landing instruments for future missions to the Moon or Mars under realistic conditions without leaving Earth, thanks to a capability demonstrated with Draper Laboratory during a series of flight tests that concluded on March 25.